Add Listing

Welcome to the Add Listing section

Before you can add your listing you will first need to register by clicking on the “New User? Register Now” link in the dashboard area to the right of the page as illustrated below:

Figure 1.1


Once you have completed the registration process and you are logged in you may add your listing by clicking on the new link “Add Listing” that now appears in your dashboard area to the right of the page and selecting “Law Firms” as illustrated below:

Figure 1.2

Add Listing

Please proceed to choose your plan option –

  • Free listing has limitations for ex only 1 image allowed, limited characters for your description, no link to your website or office hours etc Free
  • Paid listing has no limitations – $5 vaild for 30 days from date of purchase
  • Featured listings also has no limitations but featured ads take preference above other non featured listings – $10 valid for 30 days from date of purchase

Figure 1.3

payment plans

If you received a promotional / discount coupon code, please enter it here (you will also have the option to enter a coupon code at checkout)

Figure 1.4


When you get to the point to enter your business address please remember to click on the “Set Address on Map” button so that it will attempt to place a marker on the map based on your address entered. (You may optionally enter the Latitude and Longitude manually should the map not find your address)

Figure 1.5


One you have finalized all your settings and have uploaded you business images you may proceed to the Preview view of your ad by clicking on the “Review your Listing” button at the bottom of the page:

Figure 1.6


When you are happy with your listing you will click on “Publish” or “Confirm Preview & go to checkout” based on the price plan you have chosen:

Figure 1.7


Figure 1.8

proceed to checkout

In the case of the free plan you are all done and we will activate your listing as soon as we have moderated it.

In the case of a paid or Featured listing you have one more step to complete and that would be the checkout page where you may complete the transaction by either using your Paypal account or Credit Card:

Figure 1.9

paypal payment

If you have a Paypal account, simply login and complete the transaction or click on the “Pay with a debit or credit card” at the bottom as per Figure 1.8 above.

We will activate your listing as soon as we have received confirmation of payment. Should there be any problems you may contact us at


We Thank you for your business and look forward to driving tons of potential customers your way!


The Attorneyfirms Team